This year Mod 3 will be running a unit for the duration of the year. At the beginning of Term one, students will work in their classes to create a list of celebrations/traditions that they want to learn more about and as such this unit will look very different in each classroom. At the end of the year, the classes will come together to share their learning about different celebrations from around the world.

Transdisciplinary theme
How we express ourselves
Central idea
People recognize important events through celebrations and traditions
Lines of inquiry
Many traditional celebrations are recognised around the world
How and why people celebrate
Similarities and differences between various celebrations
The meaning of symbols and emblems

Transdisciplinary theme
Who we are
Central idea
The human body is made up of many systems
Lines of inquiry
How systems in the human body work
The interdependence of the systems in the human body
How we can keep our body systems healthy