Seniors 🙂

At the start of 2019, all of the students in Mod 4 have been working through our Respectful Relationships, Positive Culture Program. As part of this program the students have been looking at what makes a great student, teacher and playground. They have also been developing their classroom visions, essential agreements, rights, responsibilities and consequences.

As a team, the Mod 4 students have worked together to create a Mod vision for the year. This year their vision is;

“In Mod 4 we are respectful and responsible role models who strive to be a globally minded community.”



Transdisciplinary theme
How the world works
Central idea
Energy may be converted from one form to another
Lines on inquiry
There are different forms of energy
Energy can be transformed
Renewable and sustainable energy

Transdisciplinary theme
How we organise ourselves
Central idea
Supply and demand of goods and services is dependent on a range of factors
Lines of inquiry
Causes of supply and demand
Supply and demand are connected
Factors that affect a business