Transdisciplinary theme
Where we are in place and time
Central idea
Personal histories connect us to place
Lines of inquiry
The personal history of myself and others
Factors that affect connection to place
The responsibility we have for caring for special places

Transdisciplinary theme
How we organise ourselves
Central idea
Modes of transport and their related systems are designed for specific purposes
Lines of inquiry
Specific purposes of different transport
Specific purposes of different transport systems
Factors that affect the different kinds of transport available
How transport meets the needs of the community



Insight into Some of Our Inquiry Topics
Sparking curiosity or a strong reaction to something is often a great way to begin a new inquiry. For our inquiry ‘Living things change over time,’ the staff set up a room with a variety of things for children to look at, touch and explore. This provided them with opportunities to share current understandings and ask questions for further exploration. The children were immersed in an environment that became the springboard for our discussions and wonderings


When working mathematically Grade 1 and 2 students are regularly being exposed to real life problem solving scenarios. They are given the opportunity to apply, practise and refine their skills and thinking. They are encouraged to develop mathematical language through the emersion in topics and in their ability to discuss and articulate their thinking.

At Mornington Primary School hands-on materials, equipment, picture story books and ICT are incorporated into teaching and learning to support, engage, reinforce and present mathematical concepts. This approach enables our children to feel confident using mathematics in their lives and build their confidence as mathematicians.

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