Communication @ MPS

At Mornington Primary School, we are currently implementing a number of different methods in order to best facilitate communication with our community.

A whole school weekly newsletter is created which provides regular updates of school news, awards and community notices. Our newsletter can be accessed on this website, emailed to school families and sent via Compass.

Teams throughout the school also regularly send out newsletters so that families know what is happening in relation to the curriculum, units of inquiry and how families can help their children.

We use Compass as our communication portal. All school families are encouraged to download the Compass School Management app in order to ensure communication is as efficient and effective as possible. Throughout 2019 we will be increasing the number of modules we utilise within Compass. The initial modules will be the teacher attendance module, bookings for three-way conferences, the calendar and regular news feeds.

All current school families have been provided with login details for Compass and can either download the app or go to to the compass website and type in the name “Mornington Primary School.” New families will be provided with their password upon enrolment. Please use one of the buttons below to navigate to one of these options.