Before & After School Care Service at Mornington Primary School


It was identified in 1995 that there was a need for an After School Care Program at Mornington Primary School. Out of School Hours Care gives parents peace of mind. The children are well cared for in a familiar environment – within the School Hall and grounds. In Term 1 of 1997, Before School Care was established as a pilot program. Due to the support of families and the school community, this programme was later funded. The OSCH program is funded through the Australian Government.


The philosophy of Before and After School Care (OSHC) at Mornington Primary School is to provide a warm, caring and flexible program for all children. Children should be allowed time for both structured and unstructured play before and after their day at school. We aim to offer a range of activities, both indoor and outdoor as well as providing an environment where all children can safely express and explore their own creativity.


The Out of School Hours Program is funded for 30 places in the morning and 45 places in the afternoon.


The School Council employs the staff for the Program. The staff are all experienced in the provision of care and recreation activities for children and are appropriately qualified.


The Before School Program operates from 6.45 am to 9.00am and the After School Program operates from 3.30pm to 6.00pm.


Each day, the program offers children a choice of activities. These activities include art and craft, cooking and games – both indoor and outdoor. Our Program supports the school’s ‘SUNSMART’ policy which operates in Term 1 and 4 (as recommended by the Anti Cancer Council). The Active After School Communities program operates twice a week from 4pm to 5pm providing a range of games, activities and sport.


Our program recognises that children are interacting with each other in a different social context to that of their classroom, with a range of ages mixing together in a less structured environment. Children are encouraged to involve others and to involve themselves in play; to share, to play fairly and safely; and to effectively deal with any issues that may arise. The children are encouraged to work out solutions themselves with support, as needed from program staff. Children are encouraged to make many of their own decisions. Older children are given extra responsibility and leadership opportunities.