Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths

I am new to the Mornington Primary School community and I am really loving the welcoming smiles from all students. A little about me… I live near the beach and spend a great deal of time swimming, paddle boarding and watching my kids at Saturday and Sunday sports. I love visiting galleries and recently viewed Coast at the Mornington Regional Gallery which I highly recommend. I am teaching Visual Arts to all students in Semester 1 and I am very excited to be teaching the new STEAM program to all students in Semester 2.

Visual Arts
Visual Arts lessons provide an environment where imagination, experimentation, creativity and self-expression can flourish. Students will explore personal interests and develop skills whilst working with a range of materials. Students will engage in art forms such as painting, drawing, printmaking, clay, threads and textiles, construction, modeling and collage.

STEAM is about letting students learn through experimenting, building and researching, and then identifying and making connections with science, technology, engineering, art and maths (STEAM). During STEAM sessions students will be encouraged to be problem solvers and use critical thinking skills. An example of some of the activities your children will be engaging in are…

Star and prep students will make connections with engineering, art and technology through using a variety of materials to create music instruments.

Grades 1-2 students will make connections between science, art and technology by experimenting with salt and sugar playdoh circuit boards to create 3D crazy critters.

Grades 3-4 students will look at the built environment through a study of bridges. Students will design and create bridges whilst making connections with engineering, art, design and maths.

Grades 5-6 students will combine the areas of science, technology and art to learn about forensic science. Students will research fingerprinting history, identification and procedures and then create their own digital fingerprint work of art.

Anna Hennessy