Students will continue their journey in the discovery of the French language and culture here at MPS. French is learnt in parallel with English language and literacy. Learning in the two areas progresses at very different levels but each supports and enriches the other. French is used in classroom interactions, routines and activities, supported by the use of visual and concrete materials, gestures and body language.

There is a focus on play and imaginative activities, games, music, movement and familiar routines. Oral language is developed through listening to the sounds, shapes and patterns of French through activities such as rhymes, songs, clapping and action games, and through imitating and repeating sounds modelled by the teacher and texts.

Learners interact with each other and the teacher, with some access to wider school and community members. Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) resources provide additional access to French language and culture experience, connecting learners’ social worlds with those of French-speaking children in different contexts. Students may also encounter ideas about France and the French language outside the classroom, through travel, the media or popular culture. 2018 will be full of rich learning in the LOTE classroom.


Petit a petit, L’oiseau fait son nid.

Translation – Little by little, the bird makes its nest.


Derek Barry