LOTE – French

Bienvenu to the French program of Mornington Primary School!

Le Programme de français à l’école primaire de Mornington L’enseignante de français : Pia Calder

The French program started in 2010 and extends to all grades of the school. We run weekly French classes as well as cultural workshops throughout the year, such as our yearly French Day celebration. Following the PYP (Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate) guidelines, the French classroom program is specific to each level and tries to support as much as possible the current classroom enquiry. It underlines the international mindedness we try to evoke in students.

Some of the topics and knowledge we cover include:

  • French greetings and norms.
  • How to present oneself and how to respond,
  • Some simple questions.
  • Counting.
  • Specific vocabulary such as colours and descriptive adjectives.
  • How to make a simple sentence.
  • How to write a simple letter.

Culturally we learn about the differences between France and Australia (geography, population, culture…):

  • France’s history (the Gaules, Knights of the Round Table, the Revolution…).
  • The Arts (Marcel Marceau, The Impressionists, Channel…).
  • Paris (The Eiffel tower, the river Seine, the Louvre…) and of course French Food!

Other projects developed by the French program are:

  • Weekly French words in the newsletter for parents to practice and share with their child or children.
  • A correspondence project with St. Kevin’s Catholic School, for grade 5 and 6 students. Children of similar aptitude (English speakers learning French as a second language at the same level) actually prepare letters and/or other presentations and receive similar authentic materials to practice their French on.
  • We are Communicating with a school in France, L’école des Cobbers, in Fromelles. We are in the process of setting up a program to enable our students to be in communication with authentic French students in France, and exchange ideas.